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Food & Accommodation

During Trek Days
Breakfast is included throughout the trip.  The breakfast at the teahouse will be a choice of bread ( a slice of toast, Chapatti, or Tibetan bread),  Choice of egg (boiled, fried, or omelette), and either muesli or porridge each day along with tea/ coffee.  Every day there may not be a choice of breakfast not either an egg, baked beans, and toast or a pancake with jam/honey will be served – these options are not available in every teahouse so we have only included them in locations where they can be guaranteed.
Most of the lodges have almost similar menus; they offer traditional Nepalese dhal bhat to the pizza and apple pies. Dhal Bhat is the foremost diet in Nepal and is served in many different forms. It generally comprises of lentils curry called dhal, meat or vegetables, rice, and a pickle.  We advise not to eat Meat during the trek because meat has often been carried in the heat from lower altitudes for several days before reaching the lodges and can can ause upset stomach. There we also have a popular snack; Momos, which is a Nepalese-style dumpling filled with meat or vegetables which are usually steamed.
If any of you have a gluten-free diet we strongly suggest bringing some extra food and snacks on your own to supplement the food on the trek as there will be a few choices available for gluten-free. Even the soups contain gluten as they use powdered. There will be vegetable fried rice and a choice of eggs on specific days only. As well as for the vegan the choice will be limited to muesli/ porridge with water on specific days only. If you are lactose intolerant as opposed to vegan then you will be served the same and you will also have a choice of an egg.
Drinking water
During the trek, you should stay hydrated. Particularly so at altitude, we generally recommend drinking at least 3-4 liters per day.
We highly recommend you carry a bottle that can be refilled during the trek because using the single-use bottle on the trek contributes to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the Local community.   
The teahouses sell the boiled water for Approx Rs. 150 -300 per Liter which does not require treating. Alternatively, teahouses will also provide cold water free of cost, but this should not be drunk untreated. So, we suggest you bring a reusable bottle and use an effective form of water treatment.

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