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How to choose your trek?

There are several ways to choose a trek. Your trek depends on how much time you have in hand, how much funds you have, what kind of experience you would want to get and what intensity of trek are you looking for. Here are a few things that determine trekking destinations in Nepal
Time: There are trekking routes in Nepal that could last from 3 days to 3 months. It's not about how much you want to see but how much time you have to see things. The first factor in deciding on where you want to be is how much time you have on your hand. If you wish to travel to the Everest Region, even the shortest trek would be a week long. Whereas, in the Annapurna, the shortest trek could be as short as 3 days.
Experience: If you are in Nepal to see the highest mountains in the world and your travel is all about the landscape, you may want to see the Everest region. If you would want to experience a little bit of culture along with the mountains then you may like the Annapurna. If you would like to walk away from the crowd and see undaunted cultures and ways of life you would love to trek to Manaslu or Mustang.
Trekking intensity: There are treks that rockets sky high to an elevation of over 5000 meters but it is not your trek if you do not have previous experience of high altitude trekking. There are leisure trek that demands no more than just regular walks like Mardi Himal Trek or Ghorepani poonhill trek.
Budget: Your budget is an important factor in determining your trekking destination in Nepal. Some high-budget treks are the Rara lake trek, Shey Phoksundo trek, and Dolpo trek which requires a lot of prior planning and are high-budget. On the other hand there are treks like Gosainkunda trek, Langtang trek, Ghandruk, Ghorepani poon hill, Siklis, Mardi himal which are low budget trekking route.

These are some of the many ways in which you would choose your trek in Nepal. Please write to us if you need any additional help to choose your trekking destination.
Best Season to travel
The Seasons to travel to Nepal are:
  • Spring (March-May)
  • The Spring season could be one of the best seasons for trekking and mountain climbing. The temperature will be warm both day and night time. This season will offer different flowers, the trekking trail are covered with the Rhododendron in verities of color. Snow can also be expected on any departure at high altitudes.   
  • Autumn (September- November)
  • Autumn is the best trekking season in Nepal. This season offers the best weather, clear sky with clear mountain views. The temperature will be moderate but the nights will be colder with temperatures dropping low to minus 10degree Celsius at the high altitude.
  • Winter (December- February)
  • The Winter climate ranges from 9 t0 12 degrees Celsius. For many travelers, the December temperature could be a miserable trek in Nepal. This could be the best season to travel to Nepal for the one who loves snowfall. This season, snowfalls in a higher altitude with the risk of winds and freezing temperatures. But, it is the ideal 
Please note that the weather in the mountain area can never be exactly predicted so, you should be prepared and well equipped to deal with any changes in weather beyond the condition explained above. 


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