OUR FOUNDERS & DIRECTORS  


Our Founders:

Michael John Cheney and Purna Sherpa Lama. Michael and Purna are the inspiration behind the whole of our philosophy at Footloose in the Himalaya. Michael started his career as a British army officer but his later years were destined to be spent amongst the Himalayas. He joined Colonel Jimmy Roberts and together they established the first trekking company in Nepal in 1968.

Mike Cheney was responsible for organizing many of the early climbing expeditions in Nepal. Purna Sherpa Lama was a lifelong friend of Mike Cheney and a legend in his own lifetime. Purna started life as a high-altitude guide and trained under Mike for more than 30 years. Purna was well known for some of his contributions to the early climbing expeditions, most famously as a cook on Sir Chris Bonnington’s 1975 Everest Expedition. One of his other claims to fame was as the cook for Prince Charles when he trekked in Nepal. Various signed photographs and other memorabilia from these days lay in nooks and crannies in the current offices in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu.

Although Michael and Purna are no longer with us, their careful organization and ethical, client-centered philosophy have been passed down to Karma Sherpa Lama, Purna’s son, and his wife Dawa Lhamu, who manage the company today.


Karma Sherpa Lama- the son of Purna Sherpa Lama, he has worked closely with his father over the years and now is the managing director of the company. As a member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) and the Himalayan Mountaineering Association (NMA) he makes sure Footloose in the Himalaya is kept up to date with what is happening and developing in the trekking world in Nepal. Karma will also ensure that you have a safe and exhilarating visit to the land of snow and smiles – his home, Nepal.


Dawa Lhamu - Karma’s wife is director of Footloose In The Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. You will mostly meet her organizing the finance/ operations section of the company. Dawa will ensure Footloose in the Himalaya clients makes the most of their time in Nepal.

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