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Why Us?

Who We Are?

Footloose in the Himalaya is a leading travel company in Nepal founded by highly experienced travel professionals. We have more than 50 years of experience in providing journeys of adventure and memorable trekking and mountaineering experiences. As your travel friends, our passion is to show you what Nepal has to offer off the beaten track.

Giving back and helping rural communities in Nepal is an important part of our work. Most of our staff are from the rural villages of Nepal. This way they can support their families and educate their children in the village. We are close-knitted travel friends over many generations and help support each other even after retirement and through hard times.

What we offer?

As your travel friend, we want you to have the best time in Nepal. Whether you are looking for day walks from Kathmandu or Pokhara, Short family hikes, short treks in the foothills, more demanding multiple-day circuits or ‘base camp’ treks, or even more adventurous treks including a thrilling summit climb (and yes we do have leaders who have taken clients to the summit of Everest)we can provide the support team  - your travel friends - you need and can show you the best places Nepal has to offer.

In addition, we offer mountain biking, rafting, cultural tour, wilderness, and mountain flight tours as well as our new Sherpa Farmhouse for your personal events such as birthday parties, team building, or camping.

Your safety: our priority

We ensure every aspect of safety and security is fulfilled during our trips.

  • We manage leader, guide, and client ratios to provide individual support when required.

  • Guides are trained in Nepal Mountaineering Academy, wilderness training, hygiene and first aid, altitude medicine, rock climbing, and various other training institutes also from the UK.  

  • All our logistics have been double-checked and inspected by our administration to ensure a smooth trip.

  • Always back up team on standby in case of emergency of any kind

COVID 19 related: All our staff are vaccinated

  • Sanitization measures in place

  • Wearing masks in enclosed areas is obligatory

​For more information regarding health and safety click here

Green & Sustainable tourism-

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are a responsible Eco-tourism, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats, and ecosystem. We at Footloose in the Himalaya, firmly believe that travel should improve the life of the local people and places we travel to. We always try our best on positive contribution to the local people and communities we travel to. We do promote plastic-free travel and have the policy to leave no trash behind. Help and join us so that we can make our world a better place and plant more trees for the benefit of the coming generation. For more information regarding sustainable and green tourism check here.


Giving Back-

We are highly inspired by “giving back to the local people”. All our Office staff, as well as field staff, are local people, we also involve giving them a living wage while helping them preserve their communities and culture.  As an Ecotourism next goal is to provide a clear benefit to the local community.  As a company, we are doing it through job opportunities and donating some of the profit back to the community.


You have not found the perfect fit travel package yet? Please contact us we are very happy to help