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Our Guides and Leaders bring life to the places by conveying their knowledge and enthusiasm. They are experts in their own field with a wealth of information about wildlife, culture and history, and geography. They give their best to enhance your visit by sharing their every knowledge and experience. They also have excellent communication skills. There are one of the best Leaders, who are well versed with the mountain routes and will lead you to your destination and make sure everything goes well and everyone is happy. Besides leaders there are exceptional Guides, who feed you with the information about the places and trips as well as assist you with the information on your interests, Our Leaders and Guides will be your travel friends during your entire trip.
Our guides, porters, and other field staffs all have insurance and they are provided with the best hiking gear as they are the ones to guide and carry luggage the entire trip and are the main reason for your safe and enjoyable trek. We also help them gain more knowledge and confidence by setting up various training programs which benefit both them and the clients. Our guides are well versed in speaking English with whom you can feel comfortable communicating, they are also trained in various practices such as health and safety, wilderness first-aid programs, rescue programs, etc.
We also take extra care of our guides and other field staff and are constantly monitoring their health as they are the ones to guide and help you during your trip. In case of one falling sick or ill we take top priority and help him get to the nearest hospital, if they are too weak to walk and their health keeps deteriorating we do rescue them using the helicopter to fly them directly to Kathmandu. But keep calm our guides are experienced and they are the best people when it comes to mountain terrain with amazing health and exceptional humor.


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