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Aviotti family blog - Friday 30th September to Wednesday 5th October 2022


We have been living in Nepal since December 2020 and still not seen Everest. When you move to Nepal you assume you’ll immediately visit the tallest mountain in the world - Sagarmatha! But it turns out it’s quite hard to see; you need to walk, or take a helicopter. And just to get to the place to start walking requires a small aircraft flight at 6am into one of the most crazy airports in the world - Lukla! After two years I was determined that whatever complications Nepal threw at me - and there were plenty - we were going to see Everest.


Day 1 - Friday 30 September 2022

We waited in our garden at 5.30 in the morning for our guide, Chetan, to take us to the airport, watching the sky lighten with trepidation, fearing that if it was too misty we would not be able to fly. Chetan reassured us on the way, the news from Lukla was that flights were going for the first time in 15 days! The airport was quick and by 6.10am our little aeroplane was taking off for Lukla wi...

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